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Roughly half of all Americans don’t have a will, so if you’ve already taken this vital step to protect your assets and successors then congratulations are in order – you’re already ahead of the curve. While a will is a necessary document that every person who owns assets should have, it is still a relatively […]

Physical activity seniors

Physical activity has many benefits for senior citizens. These benefits can provide great improvement for the quality of life for seniors. Physical activity provides many benefits for the body, the mind, and the spirit. Mind The effects of aging can affect the mind and this is a concern for seniors and for the ones who […]

Family pic for blog

Dorothy lived alone after her husband died. Soon her son Damien noticed that she didn’t have enough clean clothes, her fridge was empty, and she had fallen a few times.  Clearly if Dorothy were going to stay at home – and who wouldn’t rather do that, if possible – she would need help. Damien was […]

Budgeting Tips for Seniors

Money is one of life’s biggest concerns. People of all ages struggle to stretch their dollars to meet their needs and wants. Many seniors live on a fixed income and are presented with more challenges in making ends meet. Creating a budget can help seniors plan how to use the money they have to pay […]


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