November 2022

avoid probate

An Overview of Probate

Thoughtful estate planning can help you minimize or avoid probate, but sometimes it becomes necessary even though it carries the stigma of having a bad reputation. In reality, most heirs will have to navigate the probate process to some degree after losing a loved one. Understanding what probate is in conjunction with careful estate planning […]

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Special Needs Learning in School and Children’s Rights

In the US, statistics show approximately one special education teacher per 17.1 students with learning disabilities. Yet, in the past decade, the percentage of available and competent teachers fell by 17 percent. Many federal and state government educational programs address the needs of these children. Still, the student’s parents must become familiar with these programs

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Farm and Ranch Property Estate Planning

Farm and Ranch Property Estate Planning

Farm and ranch real estate and related livestock, equipment, and other personal property face unique challenges for succession and estate planning. There is a common misconception that federal estate taxes threaten farm or ranch property, preventing assets from getting to rightful heirs. Over the past twenty years, legislation has managed to ease the estate tax

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Probate: A General Timeline

Probate is the legal process of giving formal recognition to a will, naming or validating a personal representative (executor) to administrate the estate, and distributing assets to intended beneficiaries. It also requires paying the decedent’s outstanding debts and federal and state taxes. Each state has different laws determining if probate is necessary or can be

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