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Maine Elder Law & Estate Planning

Caring for your loved ones is a top priority. That's why many people in Maine turn to AIM Law Office (Aging In Maine) for their estate planning and elder law needs. Protect your family's future by scheduling a consultation to create a personalized estate plan that secures your legacy.

Maine Elder Law & Estate Planning Services

When you need legal help in the Bangor area and beyond, contact the AIM Law Office (Aging In Maine). Our attorneys specialize in MaineCare and long-term care planning, wills and trusts, power of attorney, special needs trusts, and HIPAA compliance. We protect your future with our expertise.

Our Focus Areas

Our Focus Areas

AIM Law Office

Maine Elder Law & Estate Planning

AIM Law Office, also know as Aging In Maine assists Maine residents in navigating life's twists and turns with compassion and expertise. We believe estate planning is for everyone. Our attorneys help clients craft proactive estate plans to avoid crisis situations. Too often, we see heartbreak when proper plans were not in place. That’s why we explain potential scenarios and ensure everyone has preparation.

Our commitment to Maine communities shines through specialized services: wills, trusts, legacy planning, MaineCare planning, long-term care planning, and more.

Your safety and peace of mind are top priorities. We happily offer in-person or virtual meetings to discuss your needs.

Contact us at (207) 848-5600 with questions or to schedule a consultation. Our team guides you and loved ones through aging gracefully in Maine.

20 Years Of Experience

We offer comprehensive Maine Elder Law and Estate Planning Services to support your needs. Discover more about how we can help.

Aging In Maine

We deeply about our community and takes pride in helping local families and businesses preserve their legacies.

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Helping Our Clients Preserve Their Legacies

Maine Elder Law & Estate Planning Services


MaineCare Planning

Proper Medicaid planning will help individuals pay the high costs associated with long-term care and protect their assets.

Trusts and Wills

Wills & Trusts

You probably already know that, in a will, you name whom you want to handle your final affairs and whom you want to receive your assets after you pass.


Power of Attorney

A Power of Attorney is the written legal authority to grant an individual to act on your behalf allowing them to make important decisions in your best interest.

Special Needs

Special Needs Planning

If you have a child, sibling, parent, spouse, or other loved one who is physically, mentally, or developmentally disabled he or she may be entitled to valuable government benefits.

Asset Protection

Asset Protection

Proactive Asset Protection Planning is to insulate assets against risks, minimize the risk of loss, and deter lawsuits.



The Process of Probate is the legal administering of the estate of a deceased person, resolving all claims, and distributing the deceased person’s property under a will.

Veterans Planning

VA Planning

Veterans are an important class of our population and as such, it is important to know about the various benefits available to them.

Camp Planning

Camp Legacy Planning

People lucky enough to own a camp, cottage, or vacation home often envision their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren enjoying their beloved camp, cottage, or cabin.

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Take AIM with Aging In Maine

Maine has the oldest population in the nation due to its high concentration of baby boomers. An aging populace presents challenges, but we see tremendous opportunities to support our senior clients. We take a proactive approach to estate planning by having candid conversations about life's uncertainties. With firsthand knowledge of the difficulties families face without proper plans, we are committed to guiding clients with empathy and expertise when crisis strikes. Our goal is to ensure all Mainers can age with dignity, security, and peace of mind through our compassionate elder law and estate planning services. As fellow Mainers, AIM Law Office is honored to assist our aging neighbors on their journey to live their best lives.

Let Our Experience Be Your Guide

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Elder law Attorney, Elder Law attorney Maine, Kevin Weatherbee

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