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digital footprint

Handling a Loved One’s Digital Footprint After They Die

Most adults have not made a will, let alone created an estate plan addressing their online profiles and accounts. As your Digital Footprint grows professionally and personally, taking charge of your digital assets and plans for them after you die becomes important. Some social media companies like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter provide users with options […]

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estate tax

Estate Tax Basics

In the US, estate taxes are levied on the transfer of assets from a deceased individual’s estate to their heirs or beneficiaries. An estate tax is not the same as an inheritance tax. It’s a tax on the total value of a person’s assets at the date of death. The estate pays the tax before

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Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax

Generation-skipping transfer (GST) refers to the tax imposed by the US government on transfers of property that skip a generation of heirs. Its primary design is to prevent wealthier individuals from avoiding estate and gift taxes by transferring large amounts of assets to their grandchildren, bypassing their children. The GST tax applies on top of

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