Having a Will

Having a Will is Essential

Your last will and testament is a set of legal instructions that communicates your wishes regarding your dependents and how to dispose of your property when you die. If you have people who you love and care for, then creating a will for your peace of mind and their protection is the right thing to …

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living will

Creating a Living Will

Creating a living will ensures your future health care decisions and plans are respected. A living will, also known as an advance directive, is a legal document outlining medical treatment preferences and end-of-life care if you can’t communicate or make decisions for yourself. Everyone should have an advance directive, as end-of-life situations can happen at …

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The need for a Valid Will

The Need for a Valid Will

More than 50 percent of Americans find estate planning important, yet statistics show only about 33 percent have a will. caring.com Those individuals with a will may have moved to a different state or forgot to update their will after life events such as marriage, divorce, births, and deaths, making it ineffective. One of the …

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probate without a will

Probate Without a Will

What happens if your loved one dies without making a will, known as intestate? According to your state’s intestacy laws, a probate court will oversee the distribution process of the decedent’s property. Also known as intestate succession, it has similarities to the probate process when a will is present. Still, the terms are not interchangeable—any …

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