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Long Term Care Services

Creative Financial Approaches to Long Term Care Services

Long term care insurance was sold aggressively in the 1980s, 90s and thereafter to offset the costs of seniors needing to live in a nursing home, assisted living or needing at home health care. Now, however, the business of long term care insurance has dramatically changed. What was once over 100 insurers providing LTC policy …

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Long term care insurance

Long-Term Care Insurance

Long term care insurance(LTC)n is very beneficial for the elderly or disabled person who need will services or support to meet their personal care or health needs. However, it is important to understand long-term care insurance before the time comes when the benefits are needed. Unfortunately, many people wait and then miss out on what …

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Aging is a Success Story

Aging is a Success Story

Aging is the sign of a successful life. After all, when you think about the alternative to aging your perspective about getting older shifts. You should start seeking self-sufficiency for your retirement years well before the age of sixty-five. But, even if you have not done so, don’t shun the planning stages. You need to …

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National Senior Citizens Day

We Appreciate You!

August 21 is National Senior Citizens Day, a holiday declared in 1988 by President Reagan. In honor of the upcoming holiday, we wanted to take a moment to thank you for all you do in our community and the positive impact you have on those around you.   What will you do to celebrate this …

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